Can we talk about how Alison Hendrix bedazzled her whistle

She’s Alison Hendrix. Of course she bedazzled her rape whistle.

I’m surprised she hasn’t bedazzled her children.

Her kid is named Gemma. I thinks that’s as much as she could bedazzle her kids, without child abuse charges. 

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Coming soon to theaters soccer pitches near you.

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Can we just appreciate the effort put into the animation of Elsa’s powers.

Can we just appreciate the effort put into the animation of Elsa’s powers.

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There should be some kind of fic about Cosima watching Kira. I just picture Cos being this awesome sitter.

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Cosima is 100% done with Leekie.

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i think every female sports fan has experienced having their opinion devalued strictly on the basis of them being a female sports fan

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my mom tried to teach our goats to pee in one certain spot by giving them treats when they’d pee in that spot

except that

they think that now whenever they pee they get a treat

so whenever they see my mom

they pee

 laughed for a solid five minutes

behaviorism gone wrong

Pavlov is laughing in his grave

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But I love the football that brings people together across religious divides, geographic divides, political divides. I love the fact that for ninety minutes in a rectangular piece of grass, people can forget, hopefully, whatever might be going on in their life and rejoice in this communal celebration of humanity. The biggest diverse, invasive or pervasive culture that human kind knows is football and I love the fact that, at the altar of football, human kind can come worship and celebrate. x

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I don’t know what they are doing but it’s cute

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